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creative leader, AI consultant & team builder

Powered by boredom and coffee. I inspire teams to embrace the unknown, break barriers, and unleash their creativity to make great work.

things people call me

1: creative leader

Over 20 years ago I took a chance, put down my still cameras and started working in a mount room and never looked back. I've built teams from the ground up, fixed broken teams, delighted clients, partners and people who see the work my team and I create. 

2: AI whisperer

Driven by FOMO and curiousity I hopped into the world of AI art and quickly saw its potential for in the creative world. I create with AI and teach creative teams how to bring it into the creative process. I've found that it brings fun and energy back into our industry. 

3: mentor, dad, friend, pinball junkie

Probably other stuff but it's usually pretty good. 

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