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The best way to describe me is a Creative. Yes, it’s simple, but there’s beauty in that. I started my career as a photographer, then moved to art direction after a stint in the mount room. That naturally led to me being a creative leader. But I doesn’t stop learning. I added AI whisperer, no... not whisperer, too many people borrowed that... AI alchemist perhaps, to my resume as well.


Driven by FOMO and curiosity I hopped into the world of AI art and quickly saw its potential for in the creative world. I create with AI and teach creative teams how to bring it into the creative process. I've found that it brings fun and energy back into our industry.

I'm no longer teaching agencies how to learn AI but happy to do one on ones, chat at schools or events. Find out more info at FPOAgency.


Over 20 years ago I took a chance, put down my still cameras and started working in a mount room and never looked back. I've built teams from the ground up, fixed broken teams, delighted clients, partners and people who see the work my team and I create. 

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