3M Tekk Protection

On a job site or in your workshop protection is one of your most important tools. Many know this but they don't always take the time to protect themselves. We saw an opportunity to create video content to inform DIYers of the need to use protection and show them how to use it. And we used this opportunity to create content to share with home store employees so they could better sell Tekk products.


Video, digital


3M Tekk Protection

my involvement: creative direction and concept
design: Mark Wedlund
copy: Erin Johnson

producer: Aaron Gelperin

videographer: Nick Kessler

animation video production: Gaardhouse

Decibel Guide

Our client wanted to create a digital experience that would educate people on the dangers of high decibel levels and drive people to get more product information. We offered an interactive experience that allows people to see the noise level of various common tools and sounds. Next they are able to see how adding hearing protection can bring the levels down into a safe zone. It turned out to be a great educational tool that lead people down the path to trial. 

The radio version was our record while the other was what was produced.

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