3M OSD QDEF microsite

You probably never heard of 3M's Optical System Division but you probably have some of their technology in your hand every day. You might also have it on your wall at home. When they were launching a new technology for TVs they enlisted our help to spread the word to their partners who are TV manufacturers. 

Our goal for this site was to make it look like a consumer site. We knew that if manufacturers could see how their products could be marketed then they would be more inclined to include it in their TVs. 


This microsite needed to launch quickly in order to get buzz going ahead of the upcoming CES. Less than two weeks from brief to handoff to the client for development.


Website design


3M Optical Systems Division

my involvement: concept, creative direction and UX
design, concept and UX: Ryan Ullery

content strategy and UX: Erin Johnson 

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