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I love the possibilities of what AI, artificial intelligence, can bring to the creative industry. I know there's a lot of debate and fear over it taking jobs away from creatives, I don't think it will. In fact I think it could make creative work more human, I'm passionate about bringing it into the creative process as a tool that allows us more creative freedom and more time to do the things we are amazing at... like concepting. 

I speak about it, teach it, write about it, built a world around it and work with AI generated art and copy every day. 


Right now there's a big gap of AI knowledge in the creative space. To fill it I work with brand teams, agency teams and creatives one-on-one to bring generative AI into their workflow.  


Not only teaching teams how to create with it but teaching them where it fits in. In addition I've helped brands bring it into experiences. In the near future you just might see some of my ideas at a theme park near you...


Check out FPO AIgency for more


I started writing about AI in the summer of 2022 and have been published in the Muse by Clio and more. You can find some of my writings on medium, though I'm often more prolific on LinkedIn.


I've also been know to speak to groups and universities about AI in the creative process and the ethics of AI, leaning into the need for more diversity and how to make sure AI work can avoid copyright issues. 

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AI art portfolio
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