While at Target we had the chance to work on a pro-bono project for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The project was to create a kit to mail out to supporters and influencers in order raise $250 million to renovate the museum.

We came up with the name re:DESIGN because the museum is all about design and because the capital campaign was to gain funds to redesign the museum. The book was designed to mirror familiar look of a Moleskine notebook...a notebook that is ubiquitous in the design community. Each section of the book had a title that followed the double entendre of the title. Sections include re:DISCOVER, re:IMAGINE, re:DRAW re:EDUCATE, re:ASSURE, re:NEW and re:ACT.

Letterhead was created to follow the same look and feel. The colon in the word re:DESIGN was die cut in both the book and the letterhead envelope.

The campaign was wildly successful and the monetary goal was easily hit and upped and more books were printed.


Identity, collateral, print


Cooper Hewitt (through Target's in-house design studio)

my involvement: concept and design
concept and copy: Adam Reynolds

copy: Scott Jorgenson

© 2019 Kenny Friedman