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Coventry Village 1989-1995ish

It's kind of hard to explain what was going in at Coventry Village in Cleveland, Ohio during these years. A unique sub-culture on its own where punks and hippies and yuppies and cool kids and geeks and people of every group gathered nights and weekends drinking coffee, getting ready to go to shows and slacking. 

Work In Progress

I spent my later high school and some college years at Coventry. Usually a camera in hand. This is what I captured. Most of these images are film scans. I kept them mostly as scanned. You'll see dust and scratches, blurred pics, color shifts and such. I chose to keep most of that because I didn't intend these to be snapshots... I really suck at taking snapshots.

These are memories. I kept scratches and dust because when we look at photos we don't see memories the way the really were. 

There's a lot more to add to this and it's happening... slowly. 

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