FLOR Rebrand

The first thing I did when I was at FLOR was hire a copywriter... I know weird, right? The next was to rethink our positioning. While we had a cult following, and a lot of love from designers, many people didn't know what "Carpet Design Squares" were. After my team lead an audit including shop-alongs and customer interviews we were able to prove to our parent company that it was time to change. So we brought Firebelly to help us with our new visual identity, messaging and positioning.  


Identity, store design and a whole lot more.


FLOR (in-house)

Historically FLOR led communications talking about the pieces (carpet tiles) rather than the final product (area rugs). We realized this was harder for our residential customer to understand this concept so we changed "Carpet Design Squares" to "Creative Rug Design".

Enlisting Firebelly to help us was one of the best decisions we made. Together we worked in an agile way that made them feel like an extension of my team. In the end we go a beautiful system including a new identity, fantastic messaging and a custom typeface. This all led to great accolades including a mention on Under Consideration's Brand New blog as a best of 2016.

Retail Refresh

Once we had a new identity, new catalog and new collateral we needed our stores to match. Starting with the SoHo store we took a thoughtful approach into the customer experience. We infused play and discovery into the purchase experience so that the buying process was an experience and our rugs were the souvenir. 

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