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Creatures of FPO

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The spark

Creatures of FPO was an accident. I was playing around with Midjourney since some semi-early betas and honestly found it quite underwhelming. And then I hit my freebies on the last beta but for some reason decided to pay for the membership. 

Played around a bunch and then with only a couple images to go I found one of these awesome creatures and knew there was something. 

I was compelled to find more and tell their story. 


The project

Sometimes you hear about people creating characters and saying "I was compelled to tell their story". I never understood it until I found these creatures. To me it brings me to my roots as a photographer, which is weird because the medium is quite different. But I started photography by capturing what was around me. Always being there with a camera and pushing the button at the right moment. Creatures of FPO is not too different. I pop in a prompt, roll the ones that pique my interest, make variations and remixes and re-rolls sometimes HUNDREDS of times to find one creature. And then I figure their stories out, write a little thing and pop it onto Instagram. 

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