Rene Gagnon X FLOR

In our goal to celebrate creators we worked with Rene Gagnon, a street artist and FLOR fan, to bring excitement to our Burlington Massachusetts store opening. Armed with FLOR squares instead of spray cans, Rene recreated one of his iconic pieces with our product. Then on opening night Rene installed the artwork during our event. The event and art installation received a lot of great press and the end piece was absolutely stunning and brought people in the doors for weeks. 


retail, event


FLOR (in-house)

Press Giveaway

Working with Rene we created 200 one of a kind FLOR branded notebooks for a press event. Using silkscreen over spray paint Rene brought the kinetic creative feeling of FLOR to our press giveaway.

my involvement: creative direction and concept

artwork: Rene Gagnon

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