Johnson's For Kid's Launch

Johnson & Johnson came to us to help launch a new line of hair products for kids who are too old to use their baby products. They had not yet created a brand or awareness campaign for the yet to be released products so we had to create something new that would focus on the unique benefits of each product. At shelf there isn't a lot of time to get a message across so we wanted to stand out visually. The only problem was there was no room in the timeline for a photo shoot but we knew they needed unique content. We worked with clients, vendors, the photo crew and our internal team to come up with an agile way of working that would allow us to get the unique images we needed and still meet print deadlines. 




Johnson & Johnson

my involvement: design direction and co-creative direction
co-creative direction: Kelly Gribben

concept and art direction: Sarah Altenburg

concept and copy: Gaba Gonzalez

design: Danielle Yuede

© 2019 Kenny Friedman