Turkey Frying

Mazola wants a seat at your Thanksgiving table, so in 2018 we created a test and learn geared toward fried turkey fans to show that the high smoke point has everything they expect from peanut oil but at a better price point. 

In 2019 we went bigger. We teamed up with NASCAR racer Ryan Newman and Chef Manny, of Food Network fame, to tell a deeper story of why you need Mazola for the best tasting fried turkey. As part of the partnership with Ryan Newman we were able to offer a sweepstakes for a day at the sponsored race. 

To get fried turkey fans to switch from peanut oil to Mazola we leveraged Chef Manny's cooking and safety knowledge (he's a fire fighter) to teach people not only the taste benefits of frying but the how-tos as well. 

Time on the site was over 3.5 minutes, which was 10X the time spent on the Mazola.com brand site.


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Mazola Corn Oil

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