FLOR at Pitchfork

In the summer of 2015 we had a last minute opportunity to partner with Pitchfork for their annual music event. We thought it would be a great time to get our product in front of millennials, a target we were trying to expand to. The idea was to give away squares to pitchfork guests so they could have a have a cozier place to sit than on the grass, then have them take them home to sample. 


We had a great event with a lot of press and we gained many new fans. To close the loop we sent an email to the people who shared their information at the event. That email open and click rate was double the usual. 


Event materials


FLOR (in-house)

In a happy accident the event had a huge downpour of rain. That was turned into magic as people used our squares as makeshift umbrellas and a barrier to the mud on the ground. It's not every day that you want to see your product covered with mud, but it allowed us to tell the story of how easy we are to clean and brought a lot of good will too. And the muddy squares that were left at the venue gave us an opportunity tell the story of our responsibility as the squares wouldn't head to a landfill but were instead recycled into new squares. 

my involvement: creative direction

art direction and design: Ashley Good

copy: Cara Suglich

© 2019 Kenny Friedman