A group of four people in the Target creative department felt like we needed to kickstart the creative department a little and create some collaboration. We saw that we were a little siloed and thought that if promotions, store design, digital and product design could come together, talk and get inspired we could create better work.


Spark was created. It was a group that met monthly and brought someone from the industry in; a designer, writer, maker or other creator, to talk about what inspired them.

We armed the speakers with our logo of sorts, which was just 'spark' set in Helvetica Bold, and asked them to create their own logo. Here's a handful of their designs. 

Spark was created and run by: Adam Reynolds, Ted Halbur, Travis Robertson and me.


Speaker series


Target (in-house)

Good Work Quarterly

At Upshot we found there was a similar problem where many creatives and planners didn't know each other the Head of Insights, Liz Aviles, and I found a group who were interested in creating a forum to create change. 

We saw that this could be an opportunity to not only connect but to grow. That's how Good Work Quarterly (GWQ) was born. It's an opportunity for our teams to share great work that they've seen created by anyone. They identify why it resonated with them (is it hard working, bold and brave, human, well crafted or does it transcend the space it's in. After people present this work we talk about. 

One of the great things about it is it gets people comfortable with presenting especially because it's not their work so there are no emotions tied to negative feedback. Plus it creates some great conversation about why work resonates with us. And in the end it inspires the team to create great work too. 

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