St. Jude Target House Carnivals

Each year Target would do four carnivals for the kids and families staying at the St. Jude Target house. It was a prized project to work on because not only is it an important cause but it was a lot of fun to work on. So my writer Shawn and I got put on this we were psyched. And then we were told we had to have a Dr. Seuss theme. We love Seuss but it limited what we can do. Then only a month before the first deliverable was set to be printed and shipped we were told that the partnership was not going to happen. Our first call was to our friend Jesse LeDoux and we made some magic happen. 


Event materials


Target (in-house)

A short story made long

There are a few reasons this was one of my favorite projects. I got to work with one of my favorite copywriters, Shawn Boyd. And an awesome illustrator and now a friend Jesse LeDoux. It was for a great cause, St Jude Children's Research Hospital. And it was one of the most collaborative projects I've ever worked on.

When we originally pitched our concept for this project it included Jesse as the illustrator. By the time we were able to use him again there was a little problem. He was busy in Japan and trying to take a break for his first few months there. 

But we knew his weakness...he always wanted to design an amusement park which is a big reason our first illustration is a water ride.

Once that first carnival was in the bag we started on the other. Because of the time difference we had phone calls at weird times. Heard great stories of Jesse's new finds in Japanese vending machines and saw a picture of him holding a bottle of vodka with a cobra in it.

We also had awesome brainstorms, the kind that you never forget and come out with too many good ideas. Even though we were across a ton of land and water they were really colloborative with Jesse, Shawn and me all throwing out the weirdest things we could think to add to the posters to make them fun.

That's why you'll see a fish fishing, a bouncer with a paddle ball, and an elephant dressed as himself for a Halloween party. And my personal favorite moment is when a parent of one of the kids said "I walk buy that poster everyday and every time I see that pig in a blanket I smile." That's exactly the response we were hoping for. 

Truly a great project to work on and we couldn't have pulled it off with any other team.

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